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About Us

Founded in 2019, Not Too Sweet Ventures was formed to provided event and consulting services in the Houston market. We have helped many clients with our services ranging from simple cocktail refreshes to full bar buildouts. We can customize our consulting and events services to fit the needs our clients.  


As of 2022, we launched our full brand event wings of the company as well as creating our “NTS Collective” of local bartenders who we work with on our events.  With these new additions, we hope to inspire the next generations of bartenders to learn and grow while also helping our clients by bringing an education forward approach to competitions versus just selling their brand. Our off-premise wing is geared towards further educating the modern consumer. We aren’t just the usual sampling marketing firm. Utilizing our collective, we specialize in not only showcasing the products but also making an impact to truly show what the product can do and what it can be made with at home.

Patrick Abalos, Owner Not Too Sweet Ventures

Our Collective Team.

Some of our talented industry professionals that work with us! We have our main office team and our hospitality collective of current and former bar professionals on hand to make your event or consulting top tier.

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