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The Margarita Social Launches

Not Too Sweet Presents "The Margarita Social" 2023 launched on Wednesday, February 22nd at the Common Desk - East End. This year's non profit partner was Latinos for Education.

It was an evening of libations and socializing on National Margarita Day! We host a margarita social room where guests sampled different types of the classics from our brand sponsors, music by Avery Davis, birria tacos for purchase by Caluma Tacos, and an ongoing margarita cocktail demonstration. All ticket proceeds were be donated to Latinos for Education, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop, place, and connect essential Latino leadership in the education sector, while mobilizing Latino voices to promote practices and policies that remove barriers to equitable educational opportunity.

Our brand sponsors for this year's social were:

- Mezcal Union

- El Tesoro Tequila

- Don Fulano Tequila

- El Tequileno Tequila

- Curado Tequila

- Ojo De Tigre Mezcal

- Lunazul Tequila

- Herradura Tequila

Together we raised $500 for Latinos for Education! See y'all next year!

This will be the kick off of the 2023 Non Profit Social Series. NTS will host an event once a quarter with different non profits in the Houston area.


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